• Greentech Amsterdam 2018

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        • Name: LED Down Light (Die-casting)
        • NO: YG079
        • Updated: 2013-11-27
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        •  Energy saving: only 1/3 of that of traditional energy saving lamps in power consumption.
        •  Green: No mercury and other hazardous materials, no pollution.
        •  Economic: low power consumption can reduce the cost of electricity, thus the lamp cost  can be offset within one year.
        •  Low carbon: low power to reduce carbon emission.
        • Long lifespan: up to 50,000 hours, six hours per day, can be used for 20 years.
        • Dimmable downlights can be customized according to customers ' requirements


        Model Voltage Power CCT Luminous flux CRI Temperature Size  Hole size Material
        DL030A-7W 85-265W 7W 2700-6500K 350lm ≥80Ra -25~50℃ Ф125*60mm 90mm PMMA+AL
        DL040A-10W 85-265W 10W 2700-6500K 750lm ≥80Ra -25~50℃ Ф140*80mm 120mm PMMA+AL
        DL050A-15W 85-265W 15W 2700-6500K 1200lm ≥80Ra -25~50℃ Ф180*80mm 150mm PMMA+AL
        DL040A-20W 85-265W 20W 2700-6500K 1800lm ≥80Ra -25~50℃ Ф190*80mm 170mm PMMA+AL
        DL050A-25W 85-265W 25W 2700-6500K 2200lm ≥80Ra -25~50℃ Ф230*88mm 200mm PMMA+AL