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How to choose LED high bay light
First, choose according to actual needs
Industries such as coal, petroleum, and chemical industries need to consider not only whether the lighting needs can meet the requirements, but also factors such as dustproof and waterproof, and even explosion-proof requirements. This restricts us to choose LED lamps and lanterns as the first major element. The purchase of general industrial and mining lamps fails to meet the requirements in terms of energy saving, and the lamps are cheap to buy and expensive to use; the price of ordinary LED lamps may be acceptable, but the use of safety There is no guarantee. The replacement of lamps every three days will bring a lot of inconvenience to our work. Generally, the height of the factory building is relatively high. To replace the lamps, professional escalators or lift trucks are required, which increases our invisible investment costs. Therefore, such enterprises need to consider whether the products meet the requirements of national quality standards, whether they have passed the explosion-proof certification and other factors when choosing lamps and lanterns.
Second, consider the comprehensive cost-effective choice
LED high bay lights, especially those that have passed explosion-proof certification, military industry certification, quality system certification, etc., will strictly implement national standards in production and material selection, and will not use inferior means of cutting corners to reduce product costs, so the price aspect May be higher than normal lamps. However, the one-time investment at the time of purchase is exchanged for high-quality products, which not only saves electricity costs, but also saves the cost of secondary purchase, maintenance and replacement of lamps. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.
Third, suitable power, illumination and color temperature
This is particularly professional. The power of LED high bay lamps should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause waste of electricity resources, while low power will not meet the lighting needs. In addition, the illumination and color temperature of the lamps are also very important. , The production line requires high resolution, such as the textile industry, which requires high resolution lamps. This is the product we recommend to use with a color temperature value of around 6000, and the illuminance and other conditions meet the requirements.