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How to store ceramic metal halide lamp?
Ceramic metal halide lamps should be stored carefully to avoid damage or degradation. Here are some tips for storing ceramic metal halide lamps:
Store the lamps in their original packaging, if possible. The packaging is designed to protect the lamp from damage during transportation and storage.
If the original packaging is not available, wrap each lamp in bubble wrap or another soft material to protect it from impacts and scratches.
Store the lamps in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Exposure to moisture or heat can damage the lamps.
Do not store the lamps in a location where they may be bumped or knocked over, as this can cause the filament to break or other damage to the lamp.
Label the storage container with the type of lamp and the date of storage, so you can easily identify and track them.
If you need to store the lamps for an extended period, consider storing them in airtight containers to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering.