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What is the difference between metal halide lamps and LED lamps
1. The difference between light source types:
Metal halide lamps are thermal light sources; LED lamps are cold light sources.
LED energy is conserved, and the excess energy will be dissipated in other ways besides being converted into visible light.
2. The difference between the forms of excess energy dissipation:
Metal halide lamps dissipate excess energy by means of infrared and ultraviolet rays, but infrared and ultraviolet rays can affect product quality and have an impact on human physiology.
The LED lamp generates heat through the light source device and loses excess energy, and the heat conduction is extremely easy to control.
3. The difference between the shell temperature of lamps and lanterns:
The temperature of the metal halide lamp housing is very high, which can exceed 130 degrees.
The temperature of the housing of the LED lamp is extremely low, normally below 75 degrees. The drop in the temperature of the LED housing can greatly increase the safety and life of cables, wires, and supporting electrical appliances.
4. The difference in vibration resistance:
The filament and bulb of metal halide lamps are easily damaged and have poor vibration resistance.
The light source of the LED lamp is an electronic component, which is inherently anti-vibration. LED lamps have unparalleled advantages in vibration resistance.
5. The difference in light distribution performance:
The light distribution performance of metal halide lamps is difficult, the waste is large, the light spot is uneven, large reflectors are required, and the lamps are bulky.
The LED light line is extremely easy to control, and can achieve a variety of light distributions under the same volume, with a uniform light spot. The convenient feature of LED light distribution can greatly save the waste of lamps in light distribution and improve the system light efficiency of lamps.
6. The difference between anti-grid voltage interference:
Metal halide lamp: poor, the power of the lamp changes with the fluctuation of the grid voltage, it is easy to overload.
LED light: stable, constant current power supply can keep the light source power unchanged when the grid voltage fluctuates. LED lamps can work normally during the fluctuation of grid voltage from 90-265 volts, and have no effect on the life of light sources and lamps.