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How to maintain the UV lamp after use?
1. During use, the surface of the UV lamp should be kept clean. Generally, wipe it with an alcohol cotton ball once every two weeks. If there is dust or oil on the surface of the lamp tube, it should be wiped at any time.
2. When using ultraviolet lamps to sterilize indoor air, the room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist, the temperature should be lower than 20°C or higher than 40°C, and the irradiation time should be appropriately extended when the relative humidity is greater than 60%.
3. When using ultraviolet rays to sterilize the surface of articles, the irradiated surface should be directly irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and the irradiation dose should be sufficient.
4. Do not let the ultraviolet light source irradiate people, so as not to cause damage.
5. Under normal use, the life of the UV lamp is more than 3000 hours.