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LED street light application places
1. Main applications of LED street lights, main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, city squares, courtyards and other road lighting;
2. The improvement of output power and luminous flux also needs to be further improved from the basic level of epitaxy technology and chip technology of high-power white LED. In terms of secondary optical design, the radiation forms of LEDs include Lambertian, side-firing, bat-wing and concentrating. In the field of road lighting, Lambertian and bat-wing are more suitable according to design experience. The secondary optical design makes the illumination range and luminosity curve of the LED meet the needs of road lighting;
3. The most common form of LEDs used in road lamps is mainly in the lamps. On an almost flat mounting surface (also a reflective surface), a matrix LED is installed. This design method is impossible to obtain good results. of lamps with light distribution.