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Things to watch out for with grow lights for cannabis cultivation
In recent years, the use of grow lights has become more common in the cultivation of industrial hemp. Professional plant growth lights that are usually available in the market can play a certain auxiliary role in the growth of industrial hemp. But in addition, there are also some minefields with lights that need the attention of growers.
First of all, can ordinary lighting be used?
It is generally not recommended to use ordinary lights to grow cannabis. Unlike many other plants, Plant seedlingrequires extremely high light to reach its full growth potential. Since Plant seedlingis a sun-loving plant, the light intensity generated by daily lighting fixtures cannot provide enough sunlight for cannabis.
For example, incandescent light bulbs are not suitable for supplementing light for Plant seedlingcultivation, because the light intensity is too low to meet the light needs of Plant seedlingduring the growing period.
On the other hand, when the heat generated by the lamps is too high, the plants may suffer from "photoburn". If left unaddressed, mild burns can greatly reduce the medicinal value of a Plant seedlingplant.
And when the plant is too close to a light source, the plant's leaves may turn an unsightly yellow with brown or black edges. As the plant grows further, the terminal buds may turn an unhealthy white color.
Both of these phenomena are warning signs that marijuana is facing a "minor burn" problem.
It is often difficult to tell the difference between a mild burn and a nitrogen deficiency. While both conditions can turn leaves yellow, we can still tell them apart in two easy ways. First, mild burns usually affect the tops of Plant seedlingplants, while nitrogen deficiencies start at the bottom. Secondly, the burned leaves are very brittle, but the nitrogen-deficient leaves generally droop.
Generally, if you want to avoid the minefield of "light burn" during hemp cultivation, all you need to do is move your grow lights farther away from the plant, if there is a lack of space in the growing area, you should use a grow net, etc. The method prevents the Plant seedlingfrom continuing to grow taller and distributes the light relatively evenly.