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Custom 300-350w Extruded Aluminum Led Floodlight

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300-350w Extruded Aluminum Led Floodlight

300-350w Extruded Aluminum Led Floodlight

Stretching aluminium, light combination design. Simple and beautiful appearance,strong heat dissipation,convenient installation and design.

Factories, shopping malls, hotels, schools, hospitals, warehouses, gymnasiums,wharfs, large building squares, stadiums.

1. Extrudate-shell brings prefect heat dissipation, Simple&perfect appearanc.
2. High-class LED chip 3030 ,5050(40°-120°, 55°*140°),3535(15°,25°)to sure good reliability and consistency.
3. All adopt superior stainless steel nuts.
4. Using efficient&reliable driver to improve Stability and lifespan.
5. High-strength mounting bracket to meet Security performance requires.
6. Special beveling design could avoid light Pollution.
7. Aluminum PCB with high termal conductivity as chip carrier for faster cooling.
8. Lens module with high transparency could control different bean angles effectively and ensure.
9. balanced light.
10. Module Structure, Compact Sharp,easy Installation.
11. It Has WideApplication Range From Different Luminous Efficiency To Installation Sites For.
12. Meeting Customer Requirements.
13. Long Lifespan Perfect Protective Perfomance Even In Wet Environment.
14. Power Supply With ReliableAnd Safe Performances.

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