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Custom UV Sterilization Vehicle

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UV Sterilization Vehicle

UV Sterilization Vehicle

Suitable for hospitals, restaurants, large meeting rooms, house,supermarkets, shopping malls, food factories and other places.

Specification Features
1. Lnput 120-277v,Option: wave length 185-400nm ozone; wave length 253. 7-400nm ozone free.
2. Ambient temperature O-50°C.
3. Uv radiation illuminance is strong, 10 times of general ultraviolet germicidalproduct.
4. Long life,can serve up to 60,000 hours, emitters : induction uv lamp.
5. No pollution: UV is a clean sterilization source, will not cause secondary pollution.
6. Ballasts are certified as UL CE, FCC PSE, SAA, etc.
7. Infrared sensor, automatically shut off when people entrance, to ensure the safety of use.Open it when you leave,countdown on.
8. Sterilization time setting options:10S, 1 minutes,5 minutes, 10 minutes,30 minutes.
9. To ensures safe use,after the automatic shutdown, it is necessary to re-switch the strong current to enter the working mode, which will not directly generate uv during operation.
10. The UV sterilizing vehicle made of 304 stainless steel,beautiful appearance, strong durability.The ring at the top can help when need suspend,universal wheel can help moving when necessary.

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