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Custom 013-1 Anti-aging LED Architectural Floodlight

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013-1 Anti-aging LED Architectural Floodlight

013-1 Anti-aging LED Architectural Floodlight

LED Architectural Flood Light has a beautiful profile design intended for outdoor architectural lighting, applications, combines the latest in LED technology including weather tight waterproof LED driver and thermal management. high-performance illumination that lasts 100,000HRSIts ideal for replacing 100-250W metal halide, with typical energy savings of 80%.

Bridges, external buildings,Parks, courtyards,advertising lights.

1. All adopt superior stainless steel nuts.
2. Aluminum PCB with high thermal conductivity as chip carrier for faster cooling.
3. Die-casting shell brings prefect heat dissipation,Simple&perfect appearance.
4. Sensors and light controllers can be installed as required.
5. High-class LED chip to ensure good reliability and consistency.
6. Using high strength toughened textured glass.
7. A variety of mounting adapters is available for different installations.
8. Option:crashproof network,sunshade

Mounting adapters & components

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