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Custom LED Clover Lamp

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LED Clover Lamp

LED Clover Lamp

Greenhouse, Garage,underground parking lot, ware house .

1. Input voltage: 120-240V.
2. Separated LEDs plates.
3. LED Cree 3030, Universelite driver.
4. 360° motion activated.
5. Alumium alloy foldable body and plastic driverhousing.
6. 3 years warranty. 

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Universelite Co., Ltd. is a professional LED Clover Lamp Company and LED Clover Lamp Company

Universelite provides full ranges of HID, EDL and LED lightings, including Grow Lamp series, Street and Road Lighting series, Fishing Lamps, Aquarium Lighting series, Commercial Lighting series, EDL and LED products. The main products include High Pressure Sodium Lamp, High Pressure Mercury Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp, PAR lamp, elctrodeless lamp, EDL ballast and LED lamps, etc. The products are made of imported high quality materials with advanced equipments, cut-edge technologies and workmanship, and are of high lumen efficiency, long service life, energy saving and environmental friendly. The products have been selling successfully into Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and other countries of the world.

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    Has many current advanced automatic production lines in China.

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    Strong technical R&D team and strength.

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    Provide efficient, safe and environmentally friendly lighting products.

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Products have a variety of certification,

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