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Custom Led Yard Light TYS001

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Led Yard Light TYS001

Led Yard Light TYS001


The product adopts a 360° optical design.Widely used for garden, park, square, courtyard, side pavement, commercial areas,residential areas, street, landscape, etc.

Specification Features

·Die-casting aluminum body,spray molded handling make the round.

·Poly-crystalline solar panel efficiency of more than 18%,energy saving and zero electricity fee.

·32700and26650 Li-ion battery,3000 cycle,The lighting is uniform and soft.

·Suitable for 60-70 mm diameter lamp pole.

·The circle ring on the lamp can be customized the color as request.

·App bluetooth、WiFi。

·Ambient temperature 0℃~45℃. IP65,IK08,all in one design, easy to install.

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Universelite Co., Ltd. is a professional Led Yard Light TYS001 Company and Led Yard Light TYS001 Company

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